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Multi-Cat Raised Feeder  


The Multi-Cat Raised Feeder is both elegant and functional in design. Feeding with raised bowls not only can protect cat’s neck and joints but also provides a more comfortable way of eating. It is also a good tool to avoid food aggression situation. With the hole on the cat-shaped handle, the Multi-Cat Raised Feeder is easy to carry and clean which is very suitable for a family with multiple cats. The anti-ants design is able to prevent the annoying ant problem that is often happened in temperate and tropical regions.

     The 4-bowl/5-bowl raised feeders are prototypes, not mass produced product.

Materials: ABS plastic, 304 stainless steel

base diameter: 18.5cm/ 7- 9/32”
total height: 28.5cm/ 11- 7/32”
bowl rack height: 13cm/ 5- 1/8”
bowl: 12.4cm/ 4- 7/8” dia. X 4.1cm / 1- 5/8” H

Taiwan, ROC Patent # M439983
US Patent # D711052S

Multi-Cat Raised Feeder
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