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Modular Cat Wall


The modular cat wall broke through the traditional designs and integrated all the modular hanging accessories which including cat box, cat passage, cat stair and 5-step cat ladder on a vertical wall. The modular design not only extend the spaces for cats but also reduce the oppression which is caused by narrow living space. Grass is always greener; the modular cat wall is able to fulfill this cat behavior. For long-term, cats might be bored and refuse to use the bulky traditional cat trees. All the hanging accessories of Catswall modular cat wall can be mounted on (or dismounted from) the hanging tracks directly, it is easy to take down for cleaning or change position. This kind of design makes your cats’ place is always full of fun and also can fulfill their curiosity of exploring. There isn’t any alternative product in similar design available in the worldwide market.

Modular cat climbing wall requires a certain width, so all the accessories which are hung on the wall can be arranged to suitable positions and provide the cats appropriate moving lines. 150cm/5 FT. is the minimum width for the design. The wall width can be increased with an increment of 30cm/1 FT. The standard height of modular cat wall is 156 cm/61-7/16” which is also can be increased with an increment of 12cm/4-23/32”. 


  • CatBox

A combination of jump platform and nest with a weight capacity of 15 kgs/ 33 lbs.
Dimensions: 40cm L x 33cm W x 32.6cm H / 15-3/4” L x 13” W x 12-13/16” H


  • CatPassage

Providing cats smooth moving lines on modular cat wall. The passage is available in two lengths, 

60 x 20cm / 23-5/8” x 7-7/8” and 40 x 20cm / 15-3/4” x 7-7/8”.


  • CatStair

Can be mounted on modular cat wall as steps,

25 x 15cm / 9-7/8” x 5-29/32”.


  • 5-step CatLadder

It is an assembled ladder which can be hung on the lower edge of modular cat wall. The tilt angle of the ladder can be adjusted for the convenience of kittens and old cats to move up and down.

Five colors of PVC veneer sticker are available:

Five patterns for catsbox are available:

Material: Pinewood finger joint splicing board, aluminum

Taiwan, ROC Patent # M397143
US Patent # 8826862B2

Modular Cat Wall
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