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Arched Scratching Post 


Cats like to sharpen their claws in a standing position; the arched scratching post was designed to meet this natural behavior. We adopted rope as the material which is widely accepted by cats. High quality jute rope is softer and not prickly, natural and uncolored, with no oily odor. Compared to paper scratching boards, rope-wrapped ones are more durable and less messy without shredded wood chips. 

The unique and stable design of the arched scratching post is totally different from traditional scratching posts. With hollow handles on top, it can be moved easily. The modular design allows users to simply replace the well-worn scratching posts. The main stand is in MDF (medium-density fiberboard) and sealed with a transparent furniture coating. 

There are eight surfaces on the four rope-wrapped posts so cats can sharpen their claws from different angles. A rattan ball with bell inside hangs in the middle by a spring rope with good elasticity. Thus, the arched scratching post is a product with multiple purposes, it is not just a tool for sharpen claws, but a toy for cats as well.

Materials: MDF board, jute rope, rattan ball, PVC elastic spring
Base Panel : 40 x 40cm / 15- 3/4” x 15- 3/4”
Height: 92cm/ 36- 3/16”


Arched Scratching Post
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