Modular Cat Climbing Wall

Catswall is a modular aluminum wall hanging system. You can adjust the grid size to suit your specific needs, and the Catswall system is easy enough for you to assemble at home. The grid system on Catswall allows you to add additional Catswall products to the wall. For example, it is easy to mix and match our Catsbox, Catspassage, Catsladder, and Catstair add-ons to build the Catswall system that best meets your homes specific needs. These components are only a few of the quality Catswall products we have already designed, and are currently working on, in R&D. We will continue to develop more quality Catswall extension units for cats, and their owners, to enjoy and have fun with.

Catswall's breakthrough designs utilizes vertical walls, stylishly turning your Catswall wall into a fun place for your cats. The excellent quality and stylish design of Catswall easily enables your Catswall to integrate nicely with your decor and interior wall design. Catswall's modular design makes it easy for you to add to, or rearrange, Catswall components on your Catswall.


  • (Left Picture) The Catswall Catspassage is a jumping platform for cats. You can occasionally rearrange the position of the Catspassage on the Catswall, taking advantage of your cats natural curiosity, so that your cat will not get bored.
  • (Right Picture) The Catswall Catstair can be used to connect Catsboxes This allows kittens and older cats to move around safely on the Catswall.


The Catswall Catsladder is designed with special attention to the less agile needs of kittens and older cats. Cats will be able to safely and easily jump up and down, onto or off of the Catswall, by using the Catsladder. Kittens and elderly cat won't need to struggle or hesitate because of height or lessened mobility. The Catswall Catsladder can be easily hung onto the Catswall, gripping tightly at different angles and directions, due to its smart structural design. The Catswall Catsladder gives full expression to the characteristics of stylish and functional modulation and flexibility.

  1. Catswall’s aluminum hanger plate is highly flexible in length, and its construction is easy enough for you to assemble at home.
  2. Simply screw the aluminum hanger plates onto the wall. Please make sure the surface is flat. For concrete wall surfaces, 3/4” plywood must be added to the surface before you start.
  3. PVC veneer stickers may now be applied to the aluminum surface. Not only is it nice to be able to choose the color you like that best matches your decor, but it also makes cleaning much easier.
  4. The Catspassage can be placed anywhere on the Catswall, enabling your cats to easily move about on the Catswall.
  • Measurement & Meterial
    • Catswall wall hanger plate
      Material: aluminum, PVC veneer
      120cm(L) X 12.37cm(W) / 47.24” (L) X 4.87” (W) /single piece
      90cm(L) X 12.37cm(W) / 35.43” (L) X 4.87” (W) /single piece
      60cm(L) X 12.37cm(W) / 23.62” (L) X 4.87” (W) /single piece
      30cm(L) X 12.37cm(W) / 11.81” (L) X 4.87” (W) /single piece

      Five colors of PVC veneer sticker are available:
    • Catsbox
      Material: Pinewood finger joint splicing board, aluminum
      Measurements: 40cm(W)X33cm(D)X32.7cm(H) / 15.75” (W) X 13” (D) X12.87” (D)

      Five patterns for catsbox are available:
    • Catspassage
      Material: Pinewood finger joint splicing board, aluminum
      40cm(L)X20cm(W) / 15.75”(L) X 7.84”(W)
      60cm(L)X20cm(W) / 23.62”(L) X 7.84”(W)
    • Catstairs(single piece)
      Material: Pinewood finger joint splicing board, aluminum
      Measurements: 15cm(L)X25cm(W) / 5.9”(L) X 9.84”(W)
    • 5-step Catsladder
      Material: Pinewood finger joint splicing board, aluminum