About Us

Catswall is an innovative company specializing in the development and manufacturing of stylish and functional cat furniture and supplies. We started the R&D in 2009, and presented the Catswall Design to the public in 2011. Catswall has introduced a number of products which are of great benefit to families with multiple cats. The concepts for all these designs originated from our own needs, from a big family with more than twenty cats. In order to solve the many centuries old problems between cats and people living together, we combined our imaginative and innovative thinking with scientific observation. The result as the creation of our concept prototypes. After intensive real life testing, resulting in continuous product improvements, Catswall now presents to the public the perfected Modular Cat Climbing Wall, the Curvynest, the Catwheel, the Multi-cat Raised Feeder and the Cat Scratching Board. Loved by our own cats, we know your cats will love them too. Catswall will continue developing new innovative and functional products to enrich the life of our customers and their cats in the future.